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We don't have an office address right now, we don't see having one in near future. We want to keep it low and no-frills since our priority is to keep it FREE. For requesting a tour, please use the template below. Copy-paste the template on the body of your email and fill it up. Write "Food Walk_DD.MM" (where DD.MM is your preferred date) in the subject-line and and send it


Remember, it takes us a while to fit you with a volunteer. Meanwhile, please scroll down and read the FAQs below. We'll get back as soon as we find a volunteer for you. Thanks.





● Name: 


● From Where: 


● Local Address (Mention locality/hotel): 


● Local Contact (Phone): 


● First Preferred Date & Time: 


● Second Preference:  


● Third Preference:  


● Date of Arrival: 


● Date of Departure: 


● Please explain if you're in and out of the city during your extended stay:  


● Mention if there's anything of Kolkata's culinary culture that you're particularly interested in: 


● Mention if you want to buy any of our merchandise:


● Total number of people in your party:


● Will you have frequent access to emails when travelling? (Rate on a scale of 10): 


● Email: 


● How did you hear about us:




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Are you doing a tour on so and so dates?
We’ve nothing fixed. We custom arrange tours upon receiving a handful of requests.

How much is handful? What if the number isn’t met?
Usually 3. We mean 3 persons (not groups). But we’re flexible; there’s no harm checking with us.

We read about and want to go to certain restaurants. Can you take us?
If you already know about it, you can reach it yourself.

How is the tour like?

Again, we’ll customize the tours for you. That said, a tour generally lasts 1.5 - 2 hours, may involve moderate walking (on top of taking the public transit). For a brief idea, we suggest checking our TripAdvisor reviews; and also what Michael has to say after having taken a walk with us.

Shall our dietary restrictions and preferences be taken care of?
Certainly. It helps if you inform us beforehand.

What if it rains?
Bring an umbrella. May be we’ll go taste something that compliments the weather!

We’re feeling a bit suspicious. How come this is free?
Because none of our volunteers lives off this. Tipping is optional. However, your tips would encourage the volunteers to continue it for free.


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